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8245 South Harvard Avenue, Tulsa 74137.0, Oklahoma
Detailed Information

99 BXNG is a dynamic fitness establishment offering a high-energy 50-minute boxing/kickboxing class designed to empower individuals of all ages and skill levels. With a focus on providing a comprehensive boxing experience, 99 BXNG ensures that participants receive top-notch training to master the art of boxing. The business operates on a credit system, where purchasing a class grants street cred for booking future sessions or personal training. Additionally, 99 BXNG emphasizes the importance of individual equipment, encouraging participants to bring their wraps and gloves for classes.

At 99 BXNG, the workout experience is structured to deliver maximum results in a supportive and engaging environment. The class regimen includes a 5-minute warm-up to prepare for the intense 10 rounds of boxing and HIIT training. Each round is followed by an active rest period to catch your breath before moving on to the next challenge. The session concludes with a 5-minute cool-down to help participants recover and relax after a rigorous workout. By focusing on both physical exertion and recovery, 99 BXNG ensures a well-rounded fitness experience for all participants.

By joining the 99 Insider Family, individuals gain access to the 99 BXNG App for convenient booking of classes and personal training sessions. This platform also serves as a hub for communication with coaches and fellow members, allowing for questions, updates on promotions, and engagement in group activities. With a philosophy centered on overcoming challenges and achieving personal fitness goals, 99 BXNG invites individuals to step into the ring, face their obstacles head-on, and emerge stronger, both physically and mentally.