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barre3 Minneapolis

barre3 Minneapolis 

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119 2nd Avenue North, Minneapolis 55401.0, Minnesota
Detailed Information

Barre3 Minneapolis offers an efficient and effective workout that combines strength, cardio, and mindfulness. Their low-impact isometric moves, large-range cardio bursts, and mind-centering breath work provide a holistic approach to fitness. Barre3 instructors challenge individuals to find their edge while creating a supportive space for personal growth and success in every workout.

Founded by Nikki Hedren, Barre3 Minneapolis stems from her passion for empowering individuals to trust and love their bodies. With a background in dance and experience in higher education, Nikki’s journey with barre3 began in Washington, DC, where she quickly transitioned from a member to an instructor and eventually a Lead Instructor and Studio Manager. Now established in the North Loop of Minneapolis, Barre3 offers a welcoming community where individuals can give generously to themselves, move out of joy, and be celebrated for their strength, resilience, and beauty.

Barre3 Minneapolis aims to provide a safe and inclusive space for individuals to prioritize their well-being and fitness goals. With a focus on self-empowerment and community support, Barre3 encourages individuals to define their own success and embrace a positive relationship with their bodies. Through a combination of physical challenges and mindfulness practices, Barre3 offers a unique workout experience that promotes holistic health and personal growth.

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