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2408 Northeast 11th Avenue, Wilton Manors 33305.0, Florida
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BOXFIT Fort Lauderdale offers a comprehensive range of boxing and fitness training programs for adults and children of all skill levels. Their mission is to make boxing more accessible by bridging the gap between casual cardio classes and intimidating fighter-focused gyms. With a focus on providing technical instruction in a welcoming environment, BOXFIT Fort Lauderdale aims to help individuals improve their cardiovascular fitness while learning fundamental boxing skills. Their experienced coaches cater to everyone from beginners to advanced athletes, offering custom-designed workouts that blend technical training with endurance exercises.

Group classes at BOXFIT Fort Lauderdale provide an affordable and convenient way for individuals to engage in high-energy workouts while mastering the basics of boxing. These classes are structured to offer a fun and supportive atmosphere where participants can push themselves, socialize, and break a sweat. For those seeking personalized attention, the option of 1-on-1 private training sessions allows individuals to receive detailed coaching tailored to their specific needs, giving them a competitive edge. Additionally, semi-private training sessions offer the opportunity to work out with friends and family while still benefiting from individualized guidance.

Located in Wilton Manors, FL, BOXFIT Fort Lauderdale is dedicated to creating a community of fitness enthusiasts who are passionate about boxing and overall physical well-being. By offering a variety of training options and accommodating individuals of diverse skill levels and abilities, BOXFIT Fort Lauderdale strives to make boxing a sport that is inclusive, engaging, and rewarding for all participants.