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Champion Cheer Athletics

Champion Cheer Athletics 

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1750 McGilchrist Street Southeast, Salem 97302.0, Oregon
Detailed Information

Champion Cheer Athletics, now in its 19th season, stands as one of Oregon’s most enduring and successful all-star programs. Dedicated to fostering self-confidence, agility, athleticism, and character development in a positive environment, we offer a range of teams and cheer & tumbling classes for all ages and experience levels. Our commitment to excellence has forged lasting relationships with our families, emphasizing integrity, teamwork, and fun.

For those not yet ready for team participation, our All-Star FUNdamentals program provides a perfect entry point for children aged 4-12 interested in cheerleading. Participants develop foundational skills in tumbling, stunts, dance, and jumps, culminating in a performance routine. With a focus on skill growth, confidence building, and discipline, our experienced coaches ensure a safe and enjoyable learning experience for all athletes.

Joining Champion Cheer Athletics offers more than just athletic training; it provides a transformative journey for both athletes and families. Witness the growth and development of your child as they embrace the values of teamwork, safety, and the joy of performance. Located at 1750 McGilchrist Street SE, Salem, OR 97302, Champion Cheer Athletics invites you to be part of a community where the heart of a champion is nurtured and celebrated.

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