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202 Bourne Boulevard, Savannah 31408.0, Georgia
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Crowned Elite Athletics in Savannah, GA is a premier training facility for aspiring cheerleaders looking to excel in high school, collegiate, or all-star cheerleading. With certified Level 1-6 coaches leading the way, Crowned Elite emphasizes hard work, precision, and technique in tumbling, stunting, and dance. The focus on excellence extends beyond athletic skills to instilling values of teamwork, respect, and sportsmanship in all athletes.

At Crowned Elite Athletics, cheerleading is more than just a sport – it’s a platform for building lasting friendships and learning valuable life lessons. The facility offers a range of services including all-star cheerleading, tumbling, and dance programs for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Through annual evaluation sessions, athletes have the opportunity to showcase their abilities and potential, leading to the formation of competitive teams that train rigorously for local, state-wide, and national competitions.

With a full-year all-star season running from May to late April, Crowned Elite Athletics provides a structured training schedule that includes regular practices, skill-building camps, and choreography sessions. Athletes are encouraged to strive for excellence, have fun, and embrace the spirit of competition as they work towards earning bids to prestigious events like the All Star World Championship. Join Crowned Elite Athletics to be part of a winning tradition and experience the thrill of competitive cheerleading at its best.