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DMC Boxing Academy

DMC Boxing Academy 

Contact Information
74 Marco Lane, Dayton 45458.0, Ohio
Detailed Information

DMC Boxing Academy is dedicated to transforming average boxers into fine-tuned machines. With a team of passionate Amateur and Professional fighters, our program offers training opportunities across the country. We believe in the power of hard work and dedication, providing members with access to techniques learned at some of the best gyms worldwide. Regardless of age, sex, or current physical condition, DMC Boxing is committed to offering everyone the chance to train like a boxer, making the sport accessible to all.

At DMC Boxing Academy, we embrace the philosophy that boxing is for everyone – from individuals to families and friends. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment where individuals can pursue their boxing aspirations, supported by a community of like-minded individuals. With multiple monthly membership plans available, including Gold, Silver, and Bronze options, we cater to a diverse range of needs and preferences. Additionally, private classes are offered for those seeking personalized training experiences.

With a focus on inclusivity and excellence, DMC Boxing Academy is a hub for boxing enthusiasts looking to hone their skills and achieve their fitness goals. Our commitment to providing top-notch training opportunities and a supportive community ensures that boxing remains a timeless and accessible sport for all. Join us at DMC Boxing Academy and embark on a journey towards becoming the best version of yourself through the art of boxing.

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