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2029 Wambaw Creek, Charleston 29492, South Carolina
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The Gymnastics Academy of Charleston is dedicated to providing excellent training and instruction in the sport of gymnastics at their premier facility in Charleston, SC. With a mission centered around achieving excellence every day, their highly trained and enthusiastic staff work tirelessly to help children excel and reach their goals. The gym boasts a 16,000 square foot air-conditioned space equipped with AAI equipment specifically designed for training in the four Olympic events, along with additional mats for drills and progressions.

At the Gymnastics Academy of Charleston – Clements Ferry facility, athletes have access to top-notch amenities such as two in-ground foam training pits, a ring tower, and a trench bar. The focus on providing a safe and conducive environment for learning specific skills sets this academy apart as the premiere gymnastics and tumbling facility in the low country. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to helping each child reach their full potential, the Gymnastics Academy of Charleston is a beacon of quality training and instruction in the world of gymnastics.

As a Sponsor of the Month with GAC, businesses have the opportunity to showcase their services to a wide audience through the academy’s website, social media platforms, emails, and gym lobby TV slides. This partnership not only benefits the sponsors but also enriches the experience for all customers of the Gymnastics Academy of Charleston. With a strong emphasis on community engagement and support, GAC continues to uphold its reputation as a leading institution in gymnastics training, embodying the values of excellence, dedication, and growth.