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315 Susan Drive, Normal 61761.0, Illinois
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InsideOut Fitness is a boutique fitness studio located in Normal, IL, offering premier barre and cycle classes that focus on strengthening the body from the inside out. Their unique approach combines Pilates, yoga, athletic barre work, and functional movement to provide a comprehensive full-body workout experience. With a commitment to keeping classes challenging, fun, and diverse, clients can expect to leave feeling taller, stronger, and more centered both physically and mentally.

At InsideOut Fitness, the emphasis is not only on physical transformation but also on fostering a supportive community that encourages self-care and personal growth. The studio prides itself on the relationships built among clients and instructors, creating an environment where positive transformations are celebrated and individuals are inspired to connect deeply with themselves. With a range of experienced instructors leading classes designed for all fitness levels, clients can expect a safe and inclusive space to challenge themselves and achieve their wellness goals.

With a focus on creating a transformative experience that extends beyond the studio walls, InsideOut Fitness aims to help clients reset, connect, and transform their bodies and minds. By offering a variety of classes, including barre and cycle, the studio provides a holistic approach to fitness that allows individuals to not only improve their physical strength and endurance but also to cultivate a sense of inner balance and well-being. Through thoughtful class design and personalized attention, InsideOut Fitness strives to make each visit the best hour of their clients’ day.