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15100 Hubbard Street, Livonia 48154.0, Michigan
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Jack E. Kirksey Livonia Community Recreation Center offers a wide range of membership options catering to individuals of all ages and lifestyle preferences. With a focus on inclusivity, the center provides resources for visitors with sensory issues, such as sensory bags and a “Social Story” on the KultureCity app. The facility boasts various classes and programs, with registration start dates based on membership or resident status, ensuring a seamless experience for all participants.

The center has implemented a new membership access solution called Rec Tag, utilizing biometric technology to enhance security and streamline entry processes. This innovative system eliminates the need for physical membership cards, offering convenience and efficiency to members. Additionally, the Livonia Parks and Recreation Department prioritizes community engagement by providing scholarships to youth, making recreational programs more accessible and affordable for families in the area.

Committed to enhancing the community through engaging and accessible experiences, the Jack E. Kirksey Livonia Community Recreation Center emphasizes excellence through innovation, collaboration, and partnerships. With a dedicated team of staff members ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment, the center continues to evolve and adapt to meet the diverse needs of its members. Whether individuals are looking to achieve fitness goals, participate in recreational activities, or simply enjoy family-friendly events, the center remains a cornerstone of community wellness and enrichment.