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6175 South Edmond Street, Las Vegas 89118.0, Nevada
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Las Vegas All Stars is the #1 D2 Cheerleading program in Nevada, offering a range of cheer, educational, and recreational programs for children in the Las Vegas Valley. With a focus on building self-confidence, teamwork, accountability, and hard work, LVA creates an amazing environment for participants to thrive. From competitive teams with championship coaching to recreational classes for beginners, Las Vegas All Stars provides a comprehensive cheerleading experience for all ages and skill levels.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore the world of cheerleading or a seasoned athlete aiming for competitive success, Las Vegas All Stars has a program tailored to your needs. From the Novice Cheer Program for beginners seeking a lesser commitment to the Elite Cheer Program for passionate cheerleaders dedicated to excellence, LVA offers a diverse range of options. The business also prides itself on its Inclusive Cheer Program, providing a supportive community where every athlete is celebrated and given the chance to shine.

With a philosophy centered on inclusivity, skill development, and performance excellence, Las Vegas All Stars is dedicated to creating a positive and empowering experience for all participants. By offering a variety of programs, from non-traveling competitive options to elite year-long journeys, LVA ensures that athletes of all backgrounds and abilities have the opportunity to participate in the exciting world of cheerleading. Join Las Vegas All Stars today and be a part of something special!