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45900 Commerce Street, Indio 92201.0, California
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Level Up Hoops Academy is a premier basketball training facility that offers a holistic approach to developing aspiring athletes. With a focus on enhancing athleticism, fortitude, and a deep understanding of the game, our seasoned coaching staff, all with D1 playing experience, bring a wealth of knowledge to the court. We pride ourselves on nurturing a profound comprehension of basketball among our young athletes, ensuring they are well-versed in the strategic aspects of the sport.

Founded by Andy Saharan, a former Division 1 and professional player, Level Up Hoops Academy provides a world-class training experience for all athletes. Andy’s coaching philosophy, rooted in hard work and discipline, reflects lessons learned from top NBA trainers. Through his dedication to mentoring aspiring athletes, Andy aims to help them grow not only as players but also as individuals within their communities. With a commitment to excellence, Andy Saharan inspires the next generation of basketball stars to reach new heights.

At Level Up Hoops Academy, we go beyond traditional training methods to cultivate basketball IQ and empower athletes with skills that extend beyond the court. Our comprehensive programs cover everything from proper cutting and moving techniques to executing strategic plays valued by D1 coaches. With a focus on individual growth and skill development, our Director of Basketball Operations, Coach Khan, ensures that athletes receive exposure and scholarship opportunities while honing their shooting techniques. Join us to elevate your understanding, enhance your skills, and level up your game with a team of qualified coaches dedicated to helping you achieve your basketball dreams.