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737 North Maize Road, Wichita 67212.0, Kansas
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Rebel Boxing Club is more than just a place to break a sweat – it’s a community where members are encouraged to push themselves both technically and physically while having fun in high-energy boxing classes. With a focus on providing a safe and socially distanced workout experience, Rebel offers a judgment-free atmosphere where individuals can build confidence, strength, and endurance. Led by experienced trainers like Nichole, Nhut, Cory, and Kelsey, members can expect personalized attention and guidance to help them achieve their fitness goals.

At Rebel Boxing Club, members can enjoy a variety of services including boxing fitness classes, cross and weights training, and personalized nutrition guidance. The club’s structured workout sessions cater to individuals of all fitness levels, allowing for modifications to accommodate specific needs or limitations. With amenities such as a weight training area, cardio equipment, and the innovative Impact Wrap system for progress tracking, Rebel provides a comprehensive fitness experience that goes beyond traditional boxing workouts.

Founded on the principles of discipline, consistency, and pushing boundaries, Rebel Boxing Club is dedicated to helping individuals focus on progress and results rather than just the number on the scale. With a team of passionate and knowledgeable trainers who bring a wealth of experience in fitness and martial arts, members can expect challenging yet rewarding workout sessions that emphasize growth and improvement. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or new to fitness, Rebel Boxing Club offers a welcoming environment where everyone can thrive and achieve their fitness goals.