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360 Merrimack Street, Lawrence 1843.0, Massachusetts
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Rock Steady Boxing Boston is a non-profit organization that offers boxing-inspired fitness training classes both online and in-person at various locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Founded in 2013, the program is designed to help individuals with Parkinson’s Disease improve their quality of life through rigorous exercise emphasizing gross motor movement, balance, core strength, and rhythm. Academic institutions such as the University of Indianapolis and Butler University have documented the positive impact of the program on participants, showcasing improved range of motion, flexibility, posture, and overall daily living activities.

The philosophy of Rock Steady Boxing Boston revolves around the belief that intense “forced” exercise can be neuro-protective and potentially slow down the progression of Parkinson’s Disease. By providing a supportive and challenging environment, the program aims to empower individuals with Parkinson’s to enhance their physical abilities and build strength, flexibility, and speed. Participants of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to join the classes, led by knowledgeable coaches who understand the unique needs of those with Parkinson’s Disease.

Testimonials from participants highlight the positive impact of Rock Steady Boxing Boston on their symptoms and overall well-being. The program offers a combination of stretching, calisthenics, and aerobic exercises that not only provide a great workout but also foster a sense of camaraderie and support among members. With a focus on minimizing symptoms and maintaining an active lifestyle, Rock Steady Boxing Boston serves as a valuable resource for individuals looking to fight back against Parkinson’s Disease and improve their physical and mental health.