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13500 Bel-Red Road, Bellevue 98005.0, Washington
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Welcome to RockBox Fitness Bellevue! At our local training and fitness facility, we take an individualized approach to working out, powered by the age-old sport of boxing. As a boxing-based fitness studio, we’re dedicated to helping you get fit, relieve stress, and achieve any other fitness goals you have on your mind – and have a load of fun while doing it. With the help of our qualified fitness coaches and unique mix of boxing moves and functional training, you’ll be able to target the whole body, not just one area, leading to more fulfilling and all-around enjoyable workouts that are as fun as they are challenging!

Our workouts combine boxing, kickboxing, and more traditional workout elements to create classes and workouts that will make you punch, kick, pull, push, and sweat your way to victory! Never boxed or kickboxed before? Not a problem! There is never any kind of experience needed at our Bellevue fitness studio to get started. We’ll go over proper wrapping techniques, basic moves, and more, helping you step out of your normal workout routine and discover something that gets real results – and leaves you wanting more! We can help virtually anyone learn everything you need to get started enjoying the health benefits of boxing fitness!

Regardless of what fitness goals you’re looking to achieve, whether it’s shedding some weight, building up muscle, or creating an active lifestyle for yourself, RockBox can help you get started on a fitness journey that helps you build a stronger, better version of you! We see a wide range of ages and fitness levels, but they all have one goal: live healthier and more active life. Whatever class you choose to join, you’ll be surrounded by a community that embraces and cares for you and your progress. You may even make a friend or two! We mix boxing and kickboxing moves with functional training exercises, so during your class you can look forward to engaging will all types of traditional and non-traditional workout equipment including dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, pullup stations, and more.