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317 North California Street, Stockton 95202.0, California
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Stockton Cal Street Boxing Club is a renowned boxing establishment that has produced exceptional talent in the sport. Recently, two of their talented boxers, Hehea and Diana, achieved great success by winning the California State Silver Gloves competition. This victory highlights the high level of training and coaching provided by the club.

With a rich history of nurturing boxing champions, Stockton Cal Street Boxing Club offers a range of services to aspiring boxers of all levels. Their experienced coaches instill discipline, technique, and determination in their athletes, helping them reach their full potential in the ring. The club’s philosophy revolves around hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence in the sport of boxing.

Stockton Cal Street Boxing Club’s dedication to developing top-tier boxers is evident in their track record of success. By providing a supportive and challenging training environment, the club continues to produce talented athletes who excel in competitions at the state and national levels. As a premier boxing facility, Stockton Cal Street Boxing Club remains a beacon of excellence in the world of boxing.