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28292 Airoso Street, Mission Viejo 92694, California
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Sweet Peas Gymnastics is an educational gymnastics program catering to children aged six months to six years old. Their mission is to promote physical, social, and cognitive development through active learning. With a focus on providing unparalleled developmental opportunities, Sweet Peas Gymnastics offers a unique and engaging classroom environment for children to thrive in.

Founded on the belief that children learn best when they are moving, Sweet Peas Gymnastics emphasizes real gymnastics and real learning experiences. Their program is designed to be both educational and fun, ensuring that children not only develop physically but also socially and cognitively. By combining the principles of active learning with the excitement of gymnastics, Sweet Peas Gymnastics creates a dynamic and enriching environment for young learners.

With a commitment to fostering holistic development in children, Sweet Peas Gymnastics stands out as a provider of quality gymnastics education. Their philosophy revolves around the idea that physical activity is essential for children’s growth and learning. Through their engaging and interactive classes, Sweet Peas Gymnastics aims to instill a love for movement and learning in young children, setting a strong foundation for their overall development.