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The Contenders Gym

The Contenders Gym 

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410 Martin Avenue, Santa Clara 95050.0, California
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The Contender’s Gym LLC, founded in 2004 by Thomas J. Espinosa, is a dedicated boxing gym focused on preserving the art of boxing through practical movement and effective conditioning. With a strong belief in the transformative power of boxing, the gym offers a range of services catering to individuals looking to learn self-defense, train as amateur boxers, or simply condition like a boxer. Geby Espinosa, Thomas’s wife, played a pivotal role in the gym’s inception, showcasing unwavering confidence in her husband’s expertise and teaching abilities.

Operating since its establishment in Mountain View, CA, The Contender’s Gym LLC has maintained its commitment to boxing excellence over the years. In 2012, the gym relocated to Santa Clara, CA, marking a new chapter in its 12-year history. The gym’s philosophy revolves around the idea that anyone can learn boxing under the guidance of Thomas Espinosa, a seasoned expert in the field. Geared towards individuals eager to enhance their boxing skills and physical fitness, the gym provides a supportive environment for aspiring boxers of all levels.

Whether you aspire to master the art of boxing for self-defense purposes, pursue a career as a competitive amateur boxer, or simply train like a professional athlete, The Contender’s Gym LLC offers a welcoming space for enthusiasts to hone their skills. With a legacy rooted in passion, expertise, and a dedication to the sport, the gym stands as a testament to Thomas Espinosa’s vision of revolutionizing boxing training and conditioning for all who seek to learn and grow in the sport.

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