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19570 Amber Meadow Drive, Bend 97702.0, Oregon
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The Dailey Method is a fitness studio that offers a variety of classes focused on boosting mood, strengthening the mind and body, and helping clients look and feel their best. With low-impact, slow, and controlled movements, The Dailey Method provides challenging yet effective workouts that cater to individuals of all fitness levels. The welcoming and encouraging atmosphere, along with knowledgeable instructors who prioritize proper alignment, create a personalized group training experience.

Through a mix of fitness practices such as Dailey Barre, Dailey Interval, Dailey Fusion, and Dailey Basics, The Dailey Method aims to sculpt a strong, lean body while enhancing awareness, posture, and movement. The studio’s hands-on approach to training and education sets it apart from traditional group classes, ensuring that clients receive a comprehensive workout that sharpens the mind, boosts motivation, and transforms attitudes. The ever-evolving movement sequences keep workouts fresh, fun, and challenging, promoting continuous growth and improvement.

At The Dailey Method, the focus goes beyond physical fitness to empower individuals to become their most vibrant and authentic selves. Through a compassionate and supportive community, clients are guided through a mind-body transformation that fosters personal growth and well-being. With a commitment to providing innovative and experienced workouts, The Dailey Method offers a holistic approach to fitness that transcends traditional exercise routines.