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The Kennel Boxing Gym

The Kennel Boxing Gym 

Contact Information
688 East 14th Street, San Leandro 94577.0, California
Detailed Information

The Kennel Boxing Gym focuses on creating a Championship atmosphere within the Professional and Amateur Boxing world. They provide a positive learning environment for boxers of all levels, as well as individuals seeking health, fitness, and educational benefits. The gym is dedicated to maximizing each member’s potential through proper training, diet, and activities, aiming to create an experience that extends beyond the gym and into daily life.

Services offered by The Kennel Boxing Gym include free trial classes for new and existing members, discounts on clothing and apparel for purchases over $100, and various membership options with perks such as free handwraps, free months of classes, and free gloves. The gym’s philosophy revolves around fostering a supportive and encouraging community where members can thrive both in their boxing skills and personal development. By maintaining a positive environment, The Kennel Boxing Gym aims to empower individuals to reach their full potential.

With a strong emphasis on creating a positive and enriching experience, The Kennel Boxing Gym is committed to helping individuals achieve their boxing goals while also promoting overall well-being. Whether members are aspiring professional boxers or simply looking to improve their fitness and skills, the gym offers a range of services and membership options to cater to diverse needs and preferences. By prioritizing proper training, nutrition, and a supportive community, The Kennel Boxing Gym strives to make a lasting impact on its members’ lives inside and outside the ring.

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