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2233 Champa Street, Denver 80205.0, Colorado
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The Phoenix is a transformative sober movement that is reshaping societal perceptions of addiction and recovery. Founded in 2006 by Scott Strode, the organization offers a range of free services aimed at fostering community and connection among individuals seeking sobriety. Through free sober events, On Demand classes, meditations, podcasts, and the Phoenix App, members can access support, join recovery groups, track their sobriety, and engage with a network of volunteers and peers. The Phoenix’s mission is rooted in the belief that by lifting others, we all rise, and their innovative approach to addressing the substance use epidemic has positively impacted hundreds of thousands of lives.

At the core of The Phoenix’s philosophy is the belief in the transformational power of community and connection. By providing free programs and resources, the organization aims to make support accessible to all individuals seeking recovery. The diverse team behind The Phoenix brings together expertise in community building, addiction research, social justice, and technology to create a movement centered on collective strength and empowerment. Through annual reports detailing their operations, finances, and grantmaking efforts, The Phoenix demonstrates transparency and accountability in their efforts to drive positive change in the lives of those affected by addiction.

In addition to their ongoing services and programs, The Phoenix organizes annual events such as the Moab, UT camping trip, offering members a unique opportunity to connect, engage, and experience the healing power of nature. By emphasizing the importance of giving back and supporting one another, The Phoenix continues to inspire hope and resilience in individuals on their journey to recovery. Learn more about The Phoenix’s impactful work and join the movement towards a more inclusive and supportive approach to addiction and recovery.