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9659 Antioch Road, Baton Rouge 70817.0, Louisiana
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TITLE Boxing Club Baton Rouge Long Farm is a premier fitness establishment that welcomes individuals of all fitness levels to experience the empowering world of boxing. With a focus on providing a first-class experience that is both easy and enjoyable, TITLE Boxing Club ensures that every workout leaves participants feeling equipped with a new, more powerful skillset. The club offers a range of services, including boxing fitness classes that can be accessed worldwide through TITLE Boxing Club On Demand, allowing members to train hard and have fun at their convenience.

At TITLE Boxing Club, the philosophy revolves around creating a supportive and inclusive community where members can push their limits, build confidence, and achieve their fitness goals. The club’s dedication to offering engaging and dynamic workouts is evident in the testimonials of satisfied members who praise the fast-paced classes, great music, and stress-relieving benefits of hitting the heavy bag. Whether individuals are looking to boost their cardio, build muscle, or simply have a fun and challenging workout, TITLE Boxing Club provides a welcoming environment for all.

As part of the expanding TITLE family, the Baton Rouge Long Farm location embodies the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional fitness experiences that go beyond traditional boxing classes. With a focus on holistic well-being, TITLE Boxing Club encourages members to find balance between physical and mental health, offering a sanctuary where individuals can destress, rejuvenate, and emerge stronger both inside and out. Joining TITLE Boxing Club means joining a community that values empowerment, camaraderie, and personal growth, making it a standout destination for those seeking a transformative fitness journey.