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31196 Haggerty Road, Farmington 48331.0, Michigan
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TITLE Boxing Club Farmington Hills is a welcoming fitness establishment that caters to individuals of all boxing and fitness levels. With a team of experienced trainers like Jim, Nick, Isaiah, Josh, Shamone, Marco, and Justus, who bring a wealth of knowledge and passion for the sport, members are guided through energetic and transformative training sessions. The club’s philosophy revolves around instilling confidence, strength, and self-improvement in its members, creating a supportive community focused on achieving personal fitness goals.

Founded by Ashok, who transitioned from a successful career in Information Technology to pursue his entrepreneurial dream, TITLE Boxing Club Farmington Hills has become a top-performing fitness club in the area. The club offers a total-body workout inspired by the sport of boxing, incorporating various martial arts disciplines to provide a comprehensive fitness experience. With a focus on mental and physical well-being, the trainers at TITLE Boxing Club aim to help members build self-confidence, achieve personal growth, and lead healthier lifestyles.

At TITLE Boxing Club Farmington Hills, members can expect a dynamic and engaging workout environment where they can push their limits, destress, and achieve their fitness goals. The club’s dedication to providing a fun and supportive atmosphere, combined with a diverse range of training styles and expertise, ensures that individuals of all backgrounds and abilities can benefit from the transformative power of boxing and martial arts training.