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2301 12th Street, Racine 53405.0, Wisconsin
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Tyler Domer Center is a vibrant community hub offering a wide range of recreational activities for seniors, adults, and youth. With facilities including a kitchen, library, game room, gymnasium, weight room, and playground area, the center caters to diverse interests and age groups. As the focal point for Registered Playground programs, such as Kiddie Korner and Play It Again, Tyler Domer Center plays a vital role in promoting community engagement and wellness.

Managed by the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department, Tyler Domer Center is committed to providing essential recreational programs and cultural services in a safe and professional manner. With a mission to preserve parks and open spaces, the department oversees a vast expanse of parks and facilities, totaling over 1,100 acres. Through a variety of activities and sports programs, the center aims to create a welcoming environment for individuals of all backgrounds to come together and enjoy recreational pursuits.

Embodying a philosophy of inclusivity and community enrichment, Tyler Domer Center serves as a gathering place for residents to connect, learn, and stay active. By offering a diverse array of programs and amenities, from story hour sessions to weight room access, the center strives to promote physical well-being, social interaction, and lifelong learning opportunities for all who visit.