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3714 Common Street, Lake Charles 70607.0, Louisiana
Detailed Information

We Rock the Spectrum Lake Charles is a children’s gym dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment for kids of all ability levels. With a focus on fostering learning, exploration, and sensory experiences, the gym offers a wide range of activities and programs aimed at enhancing strength, movement, communication, and social interactions. Through their nonprofit foundation, My Brother Rocks The Spectrum, they also provide social skills groups and activities for children across the spectrum.

The expert staff at We Rock the Spectrum Lake Charles are committed to guiding families through a personalized party planning experience, ensuring every detail is taken care of. The gym features a variety of equipment and an arts & crafts section, creating a fun and motivational space for children to develop their sensory processing, positive behavior modification, and self-care skills. Their mission is to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all children, making it a welcoming place for families in the Lake Charles area.

Founded by Amanda and Max Guthrie, residents of Sweet Lake, LA, We Rock the Spectrum Lake Charles is more than just a gym – it’s a community hub where families can bond and children can thrive. With a strong emphasis on creating a culture of acceptance and support, the gym aims to be a place where every child feels valued and included. By offering state-funded programs, activities, and a retail section, We Rock the Spectrum Lake Charles is dedicated to providing opportunities for all children to grow and develop in an all-encompassing environment.