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236 South Washington Street, Naperville 60540.0, Illinois
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AIR Aerial Fitness offers a variety of aerial fitness classes suitable for all levels, including the introductory classes Intro to AIR® and AIR® Foundation. These classes focus on building a strong foundation in aerial exercises while providing a challenging workout experience. The Core class is a targeted 30-minute ab blast, while the Flow class offers a more gentle aerial yoga experience for recovery. With a focus on alignment, muscle action, and balance, AIR® is an advanced aerial fitness format that combines elements of conditioning, Pilates, ballet, and HIIT.

In addition to their regular classes, AIR Aerial Fitness also provides specialized programs for kids and teens, offering a range of classes, camps, workshops, and private parties. The business prides itself on being the nation’s leading aerial fitness training method, with a team of trainers who undergo rigorous in-house training to ensure a high-quality experience for clients of all fitness levels. By utilizing structural engineers and industrial-strength equipment, AIR® studios prioritize safety and regular equipment maintenance to provide a secure environment for aerial workouts.

The philosophy of AIR Aerial Fitness revolves around strengthening the core, toning the physique, and promoting self-confidence and creativity through aerial exercises. With a focus on delivering a rewarding yet challenging experience, AIR® classes are designed to help clients achieve their fitness goals efficiently. Whether you are new to aerial fitness or looking to advance your skills, AIR Aerial Fitness offers a range of classes and programs to cater to individual needs and preferences.