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Back2Basics Boxing

Back2Basics Boxing 

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1725 Carpenter Fletcher Road, Durham 27713.0, North Carolina
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Back2Basics Boxing in Durham, N.C., is focused on you and your goals. Whether you want to learn how to box, improve your boxing skills, or get in shape, you can achieve your fitness goals at Back2Basics Boxing. Each class is designed to strengthen your mind and body while “learning, burning, and having fun.” Classes are taught by a certified personal trainer and professional and amateur boxing coach. We look forward to seeing you in the gym.

Coach Harold Cook, originally from Cleveland, Ohio, began boxing in 1972 under the guidance of his uncles. Harold picked up boxing to stay out of trouble and eventually developed a passion for teaching the sport to others. After moving from Ohio to North Carolina, Harold opened Back2Basics Boxing in 2002. Harold is a USA Boxing Certified Trainer and has been teaching boxing fundamentals for more than ten years. During training, Harold stresses the importance of strengthening the mind as well as the body and establishes individualized fitness programs for each client.

In addition to helping clients meet their fitness goals, Harold is active in the community. Harold says that his gym benefits the community because “the youth have a place to go work out and occupy their minds in a positive way through exercise and fitness.” Many of his clients, especially the younger ones, see Harold as a mentor as well as an instructor. He’s a strong advocate for education and pushes his younger clients to strive for greatness in the gym as well as in the classroom. In 2017, Coach Harold became a to help people living with Parkinson’s fight back against the disease. His Rock Steady classes are geared toward anyone at any level of Parkinson’s who is seeking to lessen the symptoms and lead a healthier/happier life.

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