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104 West Suniga Road, Fort Collins 80524.0, Colorado
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Beautifully Savage is a boutique boxing studio that combines boxing fitness with life coaching, driven by the core methodology of integrity, physicality, and understanding. Led by trained instructors, the classes are designed to push members’ limits physically, mentally, and spiritually, providing a life-changing experience rather than just a workout. The studio fosters a community committed to mastering the challenge inside the ropes and becoming better individuals outside the ring.

With a focus on a three-core boxing/kickboxing methodology, Beautifully Savage offers a “punch by numbers” technique that caters to both beginners and experienced fighters. The studio’s approach targets multiple muscle groups through a combination of heavy bag work, focus mitts, and functional training with various equipment, ensuring participants leave each session feeling fit, shredded, and more knowledgeable about boxing/kickboxing as an art form. The goal is to help individuals develop a fighter’s mindset of integrity, physicality, and understanding.

Beautifully Savage is dedicated to helping individuals on their journey of self-improvement, emphasizing the importance of continuous growth and development. Through a process of breaking down and rebuilding, one workout at a time, members are encouraged to embrace the “savage mindset” in both their physical appearance and mental resilience. The studio’s philosophy revolves around the idea of fighting to learn, move, and become, embodying a commitment to personal growth and transformation through the practice of boxing and kickboxing.