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7600 University Avenue, Middleton 53562.0, Wisconsin
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Canvas Club Boxing is a premier fitness studio located inside Middleton Fire Station 1, offering a unique and invigorating group fitness boxing experience. With a focus on the purest form of one-versus-one sport, the studio provides a challenging yet rewarding environment that emphasizes strength, skill, endurance, speed, and intelligence. Participants can expect to engage in heavy bag work, agility exercises, interval drills, and strength training, all designed to deliver a full-body workout that pushes individuals to think and train like a fighter.

Founded on the belief that boxing is not just a physical activity but a mental and emotional journey, Canvas Club Boxing aims to inspire individuals to unleash their inner warrior spirit and achieve their fitness goals. The studio’s philosophy centers around fostering a supportive and empowering community where members can push their limits, build confidence, and improve their overall well-being through the art of boxing. By offering high-energy group classes led by experienced instructors, Canvas Club Boxing creates an inclusive and dynamic space for individuals of all fitness levels to challenge themselves and grow.

As a forward-thinking fitness establishment, Canvas Club Boxing is committed to providing a top-notch training experience that combines the intensity of boxing with the camaraderie of a group setting. With a prime location in Middleton, Wisconsin, the studio invites fitness enthusiasts to join them at Harbor Athletic Club for an unparalleled boxing workout that promises to ignite the senses, elevate performance, and leave participants feeling empowered and accomplished. Discover the transformative power of boxing at Canvas Club Boxing and embark on a journey towards a stronger, healthier, and more resilient self.