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699 Sword Bridge Drive, Lewisville 75056.0, Texas
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Castle Hills Community Center is an integral part of the award-winning Bright Realty development located in Lewisville, Texas. Spanning over 2,900 acres with more than 4,300 homes, Castle Hills has been a thriving master-planned community since its inception in 1998. The community center serves as a hub for residents to live, work, play, and thrive, offering a range of amenities and services to enhance the quality of life for all who call Castle Hills home.

With a rich history dating back to the Bright family’s acquisition of the land in 1952, Castle Hills embodies a deep connection to the land and a commitment to sustainable development. The community center is a testament to the family’s vision of creating a vibrant and inclusive community that honors the natural landscape while providing modern conveniences and opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Through careful planning and thoughtful design, Castle Hills has evolved into a premier destination in north Dallas, offering a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces to cater to diverse needs and lifestyles.

Castle Hills Community Center continues to grow and expand, with new mixed-use communities such as The Realm at Castle Hills and Crown Centre at Castle Hills adding to the dynamic offerings within the development. Recognized for its excellence in design, amenities, and overall appeal, Castle Hills has garnered numerous awards and accolades, including the prestigious 2012 Gold Award for “Community of the Year” from the National Association of Home Builders. As a beacon of innovation and community spirit, Castle Hills Community Center stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Bright family and their commitment to creating a place where residents can truly feel at home.