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1810 Kirby Avenue, Chattanooga 37404.0, Tennessee
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Chattanooga Preparatory School Gymnasium is an integral part of the vibrant educational community at Chattanooga Preparatory School, an all-boys public charter school located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The school’s rich history dates back to its inception in August 2018, with a mission to provide a unique and impactful educational opportunity for young men in urban communities. With a focus on rigorous academic programs, project-and-STEM-based education, and cross-curricular literacy, Chattanooga Prep aims to inspire, empower, and educate the men of tomorrow through small class sizes and individualized instruction.

At Chattanooga Preparatory School Gymnasium, students are encouraged to excel academically, participate in a collaborative learning community, and develop critical thinking skills that will set them on a trajectory for lifelong success. The school’s core values of integrity, diversity, inclusion, excellence, service to others, emotional intelligence, creativity and innovation, perseverance and resilience, and collaboration and community are deeply ingrained in its educational philosophy. With a college-bound atmosphere, leadership opportunities, and social-emotional development strategies, Chattanooga Prep is dedicated to changing the lives of young men facing multiple challenges through academic achievement.

As the Sentinels gear up for an exhilarating basketball season, the Chattanooga Preparatory School Gymnasium invites the community to join in cheering them on as they embark on their journey back to the state playoffs. With a focus on inspiring and empowering young men to achieve academically, the school embodies the spirit of resilience, leadership, and transformation. By providing a supportive learning environment, fostering academic excellence, and promoting character development, Chattanooga Prep is committed to creating generational change within the urban core neighborhoods of Chattanooga.