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110 Campbell Avenue Southwest, Roanoke 24011.0, Virginia
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Cirqulation Aerial Arts & Fitness is a revolutionary fitness studio based in downtown Roanoke, Virginia, offering a diverse range of classes including Aerial Hoop, Silks, Sling, Handstand, and Flexibility courses. With a focus on disrupting mainstream toxic fitness culture, the studio is committed to creating a community that prioritizes shared values over profits and competition. Emphasizing inclusivity, Cirqulation provides accessible progressions to support individuals at every stage of their fitness journey, promoting strength and overall well-being.

At Cirqulation Aerial Arts & Fitness, safety is paramount, with professionally-installed rig points and equipment that meets or exceeds industry standards. The studio’s philosophy centers on creating an affirming space where students can explore aerial silks, dance trapeze, lyra, handstands, and partner acrobatics in a supportive environment. With small class sizes tailored to individual needs, Cirqulation fosters a sense of community where progress is celebrated collectively, whether in introductory courses or advanced workshops.

With a commitment to education and injury prevention, Cirqulation goes beyond traditional fitness instruction by teaching proper techniques and providing a platform for students to grow stronger and lead healthier lives. By valuing accessibility and community building, the studio invites individuals to join a movement that prioritizes personal growth, well-being, and celebration of progress. Sign up for classes and stay informed about upcoming offerings to embark on a transformative fitness journey with Cirqulation Aerial Arts & Fitness.