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2160 South 10th Street, Milwaukee 53215.0, Wisconsin
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Ace Boxing Club, now known as Del Porter Pavilion, is a historic institution in Milwaukee dedicated to empowering the youth through the art and science of amateur boxing. Founded in 1960 by Del Porter, a boxing legacy in his own right, the club serves as a beacon of hope for at-risk and underprivileged youth in the inner-city communities. The club’s mission goes beyond physical training, emphasizing the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of boxing as a means to steer young individuals away from negative behaviors and towards positive life choices.

Del Porter Pavilion stands as a symbol of community engagement and mentorship, instilling values of involvement, giving back, and personal growth in its members. The club’s programs are designed to foster character development, life skills, and academic improvement among its participants. Through a combination of structured training, organized competitions, and service work, the club aims to mold the youth into productive members of society, echoing the legacy of its founder, Del Porter, who dedicated his life to helping neighborhood children stay out of trouble.

With a focus on unity, diversity, self-control, and community building, Del Porter Pavilion offers a holistic approach to boxing education, emphasizing not only the technical aspects of the sport but also the importance of teamwork, respect, and discipline. The club’s commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment where individuals of all backgrounds can come together to learn and grow underscores its role as a cornerstone of Milwaukee’s south side. Through the teachings of Del Porter and his successors, the club continues to inspire the next generation of young warriors dedicated to serving others and shaping a brighter future for their communities.