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Downtown Orlando Boxing Club

Downtown Orlando Boxing Club 

Contact Information
1616 North Orange Avenue, Orlando 32804.0, Florida
Detailed Information

Downtown Orlando Boxing Club is a health and fitness center specializing in boxing training. With over 4300 sq. ft. of space, the club offers a range of membership options tailored to different age groups and experience levels. From kids aged 5-12 to pro/amateur boxers, there are various training plans available to suit individual needs.

Members can benefit from services such as unlimited classes, family discounts, and flexible training schedules. The club operates on a no-contract basis, providing a hassle-free experience for those looking to improve their boxing skills and overall fitness. With a one-time registration fee for new members and monthly auto-pay options, Downtown Orlando Boxing Club aims to make boxing training accessible to all.

Committed to promoting a culture of health and wellness, the club emphasizes the importance of regular physical activity and discipline in achieving fitness goals. By offering a diverse range of training programs and catering to both beginners and experienced boxers, Downtown Orlando Boxing Club strives to create a supportive and inclusive environment for individuals looking to enhance their boxing abilities and overall well-being.

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