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4560 Old Pineville Road, Charlotte 28217.0, North Carolina
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Dyme Boxing & Fitness is North Carolina’s premier boxing gym, dedicated to training champions and individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels. Our community focuses on instilling discipline and mental strength, essential for success in both competition and daily life. Every member is coached as if preparing for a championship, aiming to bring out the inner athlete in each individual.

Whether you aspire to become a champion boxer or simply want to train like one, Dyme offers programs for men, women, and children starting at age 8. Our diverse range of boxing and fitness workouts are designed to enhance endurance, strength, and coordination. From intense boxing training sessions to high-intensity F.I.T. workouts, our programs cater to those looking to improve their physical and mental well-being.

At Dyme, we believe in training with purpose to achieve optimal results, even if sparring or competing is not the ultimate goal. Our philosophy revolves around honing cardio, endurance, and strength through a comprehensive approach that includes circuit, strength, cardio, and bodyweight exercises. Join us at Dyme Boxing & Fitness to unleash your full athletic potential and experience the transformative power of boxing training.