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2076 East Clearfield Street, Philadelphia 19134.0, Pennsylvania
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Front Street Gym is Philadelphia’s most famous boxing gym, offering world-class training for beginners and professionals alike. With a history spanning half a century, this iconic establishment has been the training ground for numerous Philadelphia legends and has been featured in popular movies like Creed and Rocky Balboa. Known for its old-school charm and true grit, Front Street Gym is a mecca for boxing enthusiasts looking to hone their skills and be part of a rich sporting legacy.

With 50 years of training experience and certification from USA Boxing, Front Street Gym is home to countless pro and amateur fighters who have honed their craft within its walls. The gym prides itself on providing top-notch coaching and a supportive environment for individuals looking to excel in the sport of boxing. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, Front Street Gym offers a unique training experience that combines tradition with modern techniques to help you reach your full potential.

Front Street Gym stands out as one of the last remaining old-school gyms in Philadelphia, preserving the essence of the sport’s glory days while adapting to the needs of today’s athletes. Its reputation as a hot spot for celebrity training further solidifies its status as a premier boxing destination. By joining Front Street Gym, you not only gain access to world-class training facilities but also become part of a historic institution that continues to shape the future of boxing in Philadelphia and beyond.