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1533 East Holt Boulevard, Ontario 91761.0, California
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FrontSight Fitness, established in 2008 as a small ministry and later transitioning into an independent entity in 2014, is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization run entirely by veterans. The organization is dedicated to addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by veterans, with a focus on building bonds, brotherhood, and camaraderie essential for the well-being of veterans and their families. FrontSight recognizes the struggles many veterans encounter, including the fear of combat and the difficulties of transitioning back to civilian life, often leading to feelings of isolation.

FrontSight Fitness is committed to providing a supportive environment for veterans to overcome these challenges and reintegrate into society successfully. With a team of dedicated veterans at the helm, the organization offers a range of services aimed at fostering a sense of belonging and community among veterans. Through various programs and initiatives, FrontSight aims to create a space where veterans can find support, understanding, and a renewed sense of purpose as they navigate life after military service.

Driven by a philosophy of empowerment and solidarity, FrontSight Fitness is led by individuals who have firsthand experience with the struggles of military life and the transition to civilian society. By offering services such as spouse liaison support, women’s ministry, and a strong focus on building a supportive network, FrontSight is dedicated to helping veterans overcome the challenges they face and thrive in their post-military lives.