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Full Out Barre

Full Out Barre 

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12111 West Markham Street, Little Rock 72211.0, Arkansas
Detailed Information

Full Out Barre offers a unique fitness experience that combines high-intensity interval training with barre exercises, designed to maximize calorie burn and fat loss. Their classes cater to individuals of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced, with carefully curated exercises that provide options for everyone. The inclusive culture at Full Out Barre ensures that participants feel welcome and supported, regardless of their shape, size, or fitness background.

With an average calorie burn of 500-700 per hour, Full Out Barre classes are not only effective but also enjoyable, incorporating elements of dance and flexibility training to enhance strength and endurance over time. The program is fully accredited by reputable organizations such as NASM, AFAA, and ACE, emphasizing the commitment to safety and quality in every session. Instructors at Full Out Barre are experts in ballet and fitness, guiding participants through workouts that are structured to optimize results and minimize wasted time.

Full Out Barre prides itself on offering a challenging yet fun workout experience that can transform both the body and soul. By blending science-backed intensity levels with the best of barre techniques, this fitness studio provides a dynamic and engaging environment for women of all backgrounds. The focus on quick transitions and thoughtful muscle group work ensures that participants get the most out of each class, making Full Out Barre a go-to destination for those seeking a comprehensive and effective fitness regimen.

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