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3651 Foothill Boulevard, Oakland 94601.0, California
Detailed Information

Gopa Boxing Club is a dedicated boxing facility located in Oakland, CA, offering a unique approach to boxing training for individuals of all backgrounds and ages. Led by Head Coach Alfredo Gopa with over 20 years of experience, the club focuses on providing quality boxing instruction at an affordable price, emphasizing the sport as a powerful tool for self-improvement. The club’s philosophy centers around the belief that boxing not only enhances physical strength, stamina, and coordination but also cultivates mental attributes such as perseverance, focus, and emotional regulation.

At Gopa Boxing Club, members experience a supportive and inclusive environment that blends the discipline of traditional boxing with the ethos of a dojo. The club’s culture promotes respect for oneself, others, and the facility, with an emphasis on cooperation and participation over individual achievements. Regardless of one’s experience level or fitness status, GBC welcomes individuals who are motivated to learn and challenge themselves, fostering a community of diverse members united by their dedication to personal growth and improvement.

With a commitment to serving the community, Gopa Boxing Club stands out for its mission to make high-quality boxing training accessible to all. By prioritizing the development of both physical and mental skills, the club aims to empower individuals to reach their full potential and contribute positively to their communities. Through a blend of traditional boxing techniques and a supportive training environment, Gopa Boxing Club offers a unique opportunity for individuals in Oakland to engage in a transformative fitness experience that goes beyond the physical aspects of the sport.