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226 Rome Street, Newark 7105.0, New Jersey
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IRONBOUND Boxing Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving every kid a fighting chance through boxing training and entrepreneurship opportunities. Founded in 2017 in Newark, NJ, the academy offers young boxers a supportive environment for personal growth and skill development. With a focus on building future community leaders and successful business owners, IRONBOUND Boxing Academy provides mentorship, business education, and paid internships to its participants.

Through its 1300 square feet facility in a city-owned recreation center, IRONBOUND Boxing Academy has coached and trained over 75 boxers to compete at the highest levels of amateur boxing. The academy’s primary goal is to empower youth and young adults in low-income communities by offering free programs that help them pursue academic success, entrepreneurship, and social impact. With the upcoming expansion into a 5,000 square-foot Courage Academy, IRONBOUND aims to combine boxing training with a small business incubator to further support its participants in achieving their goals.

Founded by a former Marine Corps Infantry Officer and three-time National Collegiate Boxing Champion, IRONBOUND Boxing Academy is a testament to resilience and determination. The academy’s commitment to providing a safe space for inner-city kids to train, learn, and grow reflects its philosophy of offering opportunities for personal and professional development. By supporting IRONBOUND Boxing Academy, individuals and organizations contribute to creating a positive impact on the lives of young athletes and entrepreneurs in the community.