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1785 South Marion Street, Denver 80210.0, Colorado
Detailed Information

Just Jameson is a boxing gym founded by Jamie, a former professional boxer turned coach, who brings a unique blend of experience and passion to his training sessions. Whether working one-on-one or in a class setting, Jamie prioritizes assessing his students’ energy and intentions before tailoring the day’s focus. With a focus on foundational techniques and combat skills, Just Jameson aims to inspire inner awareness and growth of the mind, body, and soul. The gym offers a supportive community where safety and serenity are paramount, creating an environment that welcomes both beginners and elite competitors.

With a background that includes competing internationally and becoming the Light Heavyweight Champ, Jamie’s journey from underdog fighter to successful coach is reflected in the gym’s philosophy of taking progress one rep at a time. Just Jameson provides a range of services, from warming up with speed and double end bags to mastering combinations through pad work and sparring sessions. The gym’s emphasis on attention to detail and community support sets it apart from other boxing programs, offering a high-octane yet open-minded approach to training.

Just Jameson’s founder, Jameson, transitioned from a corporate career to pursue his passion for boxing and teaching, recognizing the transformative power of the sport in fostering self-awareness and discipline. The gym’s focus on tuning into students’ frequencies, fostering compassion, and creating a supportive tribe reflects Jamie’s commitment to helping individuals reach their full potential in and out of the ring. Whether you’re training for a title fight or seeking a new fitness challenge, Just Jameson provides a welcoming space where lovers and fighters alike can thrive.