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1555 Simi Town Center Way, Simi Valley 93065.0, California
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Kid Gloves Boxing, founded in the mid-1950s by Frankie Goodman, is a renowned establishment with a rich history of training individuals from diverse backgrounds, ranging from young children to seasoned professionals. Under the leadership of Frankie Goodman, who worked with legendary boxers like Cassius Clay, the business has a strong foundation in teaching the importance of a healthy mind and body, as well as fostering respect for oneself and others.

Following Frankie’s passing, Robert Ortiz took over the Kid Gloves trademark and philosophy, establishing Kid Gloves Boxing in Simi Valley, California. The business expanded its reach by initiating the Kid Gloves Foundation, dedicated to supporting low-income and disadvantaged youth through boxing training programs. Today, the Kid Gloves Boxing Foundation continues to provide troubled youth with opportunities for personal growth and success, offering a positive outlet amidst the challenges of urban environments.

Moreover, Kid Gloves Boxing extends its impact beyond youth development, with initiatives like the Vet2Vet Veteran Education & Training Fitness Center, aimed at assisting veterans in coping with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through non-contact boxing-style fitness regimens. Led by Marine Veteran Robert Ortiz, the organization emphasizes the physical and emotional benefits of exercise, helping veterans recover, build confidence, and improve overall well-being.