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Meadowlands Athletic Center (M.A.C.), also known as Meadowlands Starz Cheer, is a Performance Elite Rec Cheer team based in Clifton, NJ. Founded by Michele Cusimano-Stirone in 2013 as NA Starz and rebranded in 2017, M.A.C. focuses on empowering young athletes through quality instruction and experienced coaching in a safe and fun environment. Safety is a top priority, both physically and mentally, with a commitment to uplifting athletes and helping them reach their goals.

Specializing in competitive cheerleading, M.A.C. offers a unique approach to the sport, emphasizing teamwork, athleticism, and skill development. The program caters to individuals of all ages up to 18 years old from any town or city in New Jersey. With a focus on gymnastics, acrobatics, dance, and other elements unique to All-Star/Performance Rec Cheer, M.A.C. creates competition routines that showcase athletes’ talents and abilities. Judged on difficulty, precision, creativity, and entertainment value, the team strives for excellence in every performance.

As the sport of Competitive Cheerleading continues to evolve, M.A.C. remains dedicated to providing a solid program for athletes of all levels, from beginners to seasoned veterans. With a belief in the transformative power of cheerleading in fostering teamwork, goal-setting, sportsmanship, and social skills, M.A.C. aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment where athletes can grow, learn, and form lifelong friendships.