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9361 Sage Meadow Trail, Fort Worth 76177.0, Texas
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Mayweather Boxing + Fitness offers a high-energy and fun group workout experience designed to increase fitness levels, build strength, and boost confidence. Led by coach-led workouts created by Floyd Mayweather himself, participants can expect a supportive environment where fist bumps and high-fives are as common as punch combinations. Whether you are a former athlete, young professional, stay-at-home parent, or retiree, the dedicated instructors are there every step of the way to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

With a focus on community and camaraderie, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness goes beyond just boxing to create a welcoming family atmosphere. The variety of workout options, including Undefeated, MBODY, and Champ sessions, cater to different fitness goals and preferences. From beginner-friendly classes that focus on boxing fundamentals to advanced bagwork sessions that challenge experienced participants, there is something for everyone looking to improve their fitness, learn new skills, and have a great time in a supportive environment.

By joining Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, members not only gain access to effective boxing fitness workouts but also become part of a supportive community that extends beyond the studio. With personal training options available for those seeking more individualized attention, this business is dedicated to helping individuals of all fitness levels reach their goals and feel empowered through their fitness journey.