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1725 Santa Clara Drive, Roseville 95661.0, California
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Niavaroni Kickboxing Inc. is an authentic boxing gym founded in 1991 by Owner-Trainer, Nasser Niavaroni. With over 30 years of experience in wrestling, strength training, kickboxing, and boxing, Nasser is dedicated to providing quality, professional training in Boxing and Kickboxing without injury. The gym offers a wide variety of training and fighting styles, catering to both competitive athletes and individuals seeking the benefits of a boxer’s workout. Nasser’s expertise has been recognized by the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF), who voted him Best Amateur Fight Trainer in 1996.

The core boxing lessons at Niavaroni’s Kickboxing Inc. focus on mental and physical conditioning, discipline, and skill development. Classes include a mix of partner work, floor drills, and bag work, ensuring a well-rounded training experience for members of all levels. With a strong emphasis on individual growth and personal style discovery, the gym welcomes both boxing and kickboxing students to participate in a variety of learning experiences. For those seeking more advanced training, sparring sessions with full protective equipment are also available.

In addition to training, Niavaroni Kickboxing Inc. has a rich history of promoting young prospects and working with professional fighters. Nasser’s dedication to his craft and his ability to nurture talent have earned him praise from renowned boxers and trainers in the industry. Whether you are looking to compete at a high level or simply improve your skills and fitness, Niavaroni’s commitment to excellence and passion for the sport make it a premier destination for boxing and kickboxing enthusiasts in Roseville, California.