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6205 Southwest 34th Avenue, Amarillo 79109.0, Texas
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Nick’s Fight Club is a boxing fitness gym founded by Steve in Amarillo, Texas, stemming from his passion for boxing and desire to share his knowledge with others. What started as a small group working out in a garage has evolved into a thriving fitness community. The gym’s philosophy of “Motivate, Encourage, and Inspire” is at the core of its mission to empower individuals both physically and mentally.

Specializing in one-hour cardio boxing classes, Nick’s Fight Club offers a dynamic workout experience with a 4-station setup targeting every muscle group for improved endurance and strength. The gym’s inclusive approach caters to a diverse range of participants, from professional boxers to seniors, ensuring that each class is adaptable to individual fitness levels. With a focus on personalized training and a supportive environment, Nick’s Fight Club aims to enhance overall health and well-being for all members.

With a commitment to providing a comprehensive fitness experience, Nick’s Fight Club boasts a full-facility gym equipped with a variety of strength training equipment and cardiovascular machines. The gym’s dedication to community extends beyond fitness, as they offer specialized services for individuals affected by Parkinson’s disease, showcasing their dedication to improving lives through their unique training programs.