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Ontario Boxing Club

Ontario Boxing Club 

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215 West B Street, Ontario 91762.0, California
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Ontario Boxing Club, located in downtown Ontario, is a premier facility serving the Inland Empire with professional boxing and fitness training. Our dedicated coaches specialize in transforming beginners into disciplined, professional fighters, helping individuals achieve their specific fitness goals through tailored workout routines. Whether you are a man, woman, or child, our personal and group training sessions cater to all fitness levels, focusing on developing fundamentals, discipline, and structure under the guidance of certified coaches with extensive experience.

Our boxing programs at Ontario Boxing Club are designed to instill discipline and help individuals reach their fitness goals, offering affordable 1-on-1 boxing instruction for those looking to compete, learn fundamentals, or enhance overall fitness. All fitness levels are welcome, and our coaches will customize a plan to suit your needs. Additionally, we provide a unique experience with a 7-seater sauna where you can enjoy 20 minutes of relaxation, choosing your preferred temperature and ambiance to enhance your post-workout recovery. With a focus on holistic wellness, we aim to support our members in achieving their fitness aspirations.

Established with a commitment to excellence, Ontario Boxing Club prides itself on offering top-notch training programs that not only improve physical fitness but also foster mental discipline and well-being. Our philosophy revolves around the belief that what may seem impossible today will soon become your warm-up, reflecting our dedication to helping individuals push their limits and surpass their fitness expectations. Join us at Ontario Boxing Club to embark on a transformative fitness journey and experience the benefits of professional coaching, tailored programs, and a supportive community focused on achieving success together.

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