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1001 Hiawatha Boulevard, Syracuse 13208.0, New York
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Option Zero’s Youth Enrichment Program in Syracuse and surrounding areas offers holistic training for children aged 4-12. The program focuses on instilling structure, discipline, self-confidence, and character through boxing and life skills training. With a tutoring and homework program to support academic achievement, the class aims to shape positive behaviors and values in youth to combat violence and promote personal development.

Emphasizing self-defense, discipline, and mental toughness, Option Zero’s training program provides a unique workout experience that enhances physical and mental fitness. Partnered with the SCSD, the business works to reduce violence, improve attendance, and boost student grades. Youth Coaches serve as mentors, trained in social-emotional practices to guide students towards positive behavior and academic success.

Located at 1001 Hiawatha Blvd East, Syracuse, NY 13208, Option Zero is dedicated to empowering youth through a comprehensive approach to fitness and personal development. By offering a blend of physical, mental, and emotional fitness training, the business aims to equip children with the skills and mindset needed to navigate life’s challenges and thrive in their communities.

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