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615 South 5th Street, Rockford 61104.0, Illinois
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Patriots Gateway Community Center is a hub of learning and growth for children aged 5 to 14, encompassing grades K-8. With a focus on instilling values of responsibility, respect, honesty, and hard work, the center offers an enriching after-school program starting on September 5th. Through the Patriot Pledge, participants are encouraged to embody these principles in their daily lives, fostering a positive and nurturing environment for personal development.

In addition to its educational programs, Patriots Gateway Community Center welcomes capital donations to support future initiatives and projects. Located in Rockford, IL, the center stands as a testament to community collaboration and recognition, as evidenced by the honorary designation of Fifth Avenue as Reno Way, in honor of Roger Reno’s contributions to Midtown and Patriots. This acknowledgment underscores the center’s commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and appreciation within the local area.

With a mission to empower young minds and cultivate a sense of civic duty, Patriots Gateway Community Center serves as a beacon of inspiration and growth in the Rockford community. By offering a range of services tailored to the holistic development of children, the center plays a vital role in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Through its dedication to fostering a culture of integrity, compassion, and hard work, Patriots Gateway Community Center continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of its participants and the broader community.