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350 Monon Boulevard, Carmel 46032.0, Indiana
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Physique 57 is a renowned barre fitness studio located in Midtown Carmel, offering an exciting and unique fitness experience tailored specifically for teenage girls. With their Teen Sculpt classes, Physique 57 aims to empower young girls aged 13 to 17 by promoting physical activity, building confidence, and fostering a sense of community. The studio’s owner, Leslie Lupton, has successfully brought a NYC fitness concept to the Midwest, showcasing a commitment to entrepreneurship and determination.

Physique 57’s Teen Sculpt program is designed to help teenage girls get stronger physically and mentally through a series of scientifically proven workouts. The studio prides itself on providing a results-driven approach, with clients seeing noticeable changes in just 8 sessions. By offering a supportive and inspiring environment, Physique 57 encourages its members to feel strong, healthy, and confident, while also fostering a sense of community among participants.

With a focus on personalized fitness plans and a fierce community spirit, Physique 57 in Indianapolis is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their health and wellness goals. The studio’s commitment to providing exclusive content, special promos, and healthy tips ensures that clients stay motivated and engaged in their fitness journey. Whether it’s through in-person classes or live online sessions, Physique 57 offers a comprehensive fitness experience that promotes physical well-being and overall empowerment.