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5859 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles 90036.0, California
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Prevail Boxing offers a transformative fitness experience through their exclusive New Client Intro Special, inviting individuals to embark on their fitness journey with a 4-week Unlimited All Levels Classes package. With a focus on functional boxing techniques, Prevail Boxing empowers clients to push their limits and become 1% better each day. Whether one aims to enhance their fitness level, sculpt a boxer’s physique, or engage in sparring sessions, Prevail Boxing provides expert training and a supportive community to help individuals realize their full potential.

At the core of Prevail Boxing’s philosophy is The Prevail Pursuit, a commitment to personal growth and self-improvement. Led by experienced coaches who ignite the inner fighter in each participant, Prevail Boxing offers a range of classes including SWEAT, S&C, BOX1, BOX2, SPAR, and RECOVERY. The studio environment fosters a sense of camaraderie and encouragement, ensuring that clients feel supported as they work towards their fitness goals. With a flexible start date and a no-commitment policy, Prevail Boxing provides a welcoming space for individuals to challenge themselves and discover what their best looks like.

Founded on the belief that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness, Prevail Boxing is dedicated to helping individuals unlock their inner strength and resilience. With multiple locations in Los Angeles, including North Hollywood, Prevail Boxing offers a range of membership perks and amenities to enhance the fitness journey of each client. By prioritizing personalized training and a commitment to continuous improvement, Prevail Boxing stands out as a premier destination for those seeking to elevate their fitness levels and embrace a boxer’s mindset.